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TOP: My thumbnail breakdown of the overall layout. This was drawn pretty dang small.

MIDDLE: Work in Progress.

BOTTOM: Original artwork VS Baby Nathan! That’s six 11X17 sheets of artwork on the left featuring some of your favourite Cartoon Network characters and on the right, one cute little fella whom I adore placed next to the art for scale. 

This was a really mind bending image to work out, factoring in that each image has to work as it’s own, as a whole and also not have the “Super Secret Crisis Wars” logo obstruct the main characters. 

Cartoon Network called for a few minor revisions on Ben 10, Sam Jack and some colour notes on the final-final artwork, which you can see in the coloured version.

Super fun getting to mash al these great characters into one big image!

(TRIVIA: I actually did a little bit of posing layout on the Ed, Edd & Eddy cartoon a loooong time ago.)

This is an amazing piece of art, and large. Again, there’s nothing better than a good crossover. I can’t wait.

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